Historic Ancona

Immagine del monumento ai caduti

An itinerary to discover the most important monuments of the city of Ancona in a circular route that involves countryside and landscapes.

We start from Piazza Cavour, the historic central square of Ancona, to reach the church of San Domenico located in Piazza del Plebiscito, commonly called Piazza del Papa, an evening and night meeting place for people from Ancona and beyond.

The next destination is the medieval Cathedral of San Ciriaco, patron saint of Ancona; a stop here is a must, this building offers numerous historical elements of high cultural interest.

Descending along the slopes of Colle Guasco, we follow the road that runs alongside the Port to reach Porta Pia, one of the access gates to Ancona dating back to 1789. We now leave the city, and after a short stretch of fast road we find the Cemetery of War in the Tavernelle area.

To return to Piazza Cavour we use country roads, which after Montacuto give us suggestive views of the sea.

Length: 20km

Tags: Conero, Ancona, Historical